Ancient Building Lighting SH-A1002 Led Pixel

Ancient Building Lighting SH-A1002 Led Pixel

Ancient building lighting, as a important part in the landscape lighting. About the facade, the roof and other lighting decoration, led pixel dot can show great effect lighting function. SHLED led pixel dot with special design, flexible installation and intelligent lighting solution.
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Ancient Building Lighting SH-A1002 Led Pixel

With the development of urban economy, people pay more and more attention to the role of media facade in urban architecture. The media façade uses a variety of technical means such as sound and light to make it produce a visual image beyond the original building construction, and to create a new urban landscape through the realization of the image, information and interaction of the building. 


Power: 1.44W


Chip Type:UCS512C4

Control mode:DMX

Shell Material:Die-cast aluminum/PC

Gray Level:8 Bit 256 grade

IP Grade:IP68



R : 615-630nm

G : 525-545nm

B : 460-480nm

W : 6500K 


Beam Angle:≥120°

Work Temp:-20℃~+60℃

Store Temp:-40℃~+75℃

Ancient Building Lighting SH-A1002 Led Pixel

Ancient Building Lighting SH-A1002 Led Pixel


RGB LED Pixel Dot


RGBW LED Pixel Dot

A33 .jpg


The technology used for media facades is also constantly developing and innovating. Media facades have become the integration and cross-border of architectural design, media technology, digital control, multimedia content, interactive technology, etc., and the emergence of media facades is rich The architectural form and urban culture.

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At present, the lighting in urban construction has gradually matured, but the lighting of ancient buildings is still in the development stage. We cannot simply illuminate the building itself, and we must integrate traditional culture into it, so as to fully express the interpretation of architecture on culture.

In ancient buildings, how to show their core through light is worthy of everyone's consideration. Protecting the shape of the building itself and inheriting the cultural charm of the building at that time are closely related to the era to which it belongs.

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