Christmas Decor Lighting SPI 3D Pixel LED Ball

Christmas Decor Lighting SPI 3D Pixel LED Ball

Christmas Decor Lighting SPI 3d Pixel Led Ball.DC24V rgb led pixel ball UCS1903/DMX512 50mm full color changing 3d ball for stage lighting.Safe operation, convenient maintenance: input voltage DC12V/24V, it is able to contact with the human body directly.360 degree 50mm 3D DMX RGB LED pixel ball signal is different with normal SPI led pixel lights like ws2801, ucs1903 led pixel lights. DMXled products protocl is DMX512 that signal is parallel not series.
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SH LED Christmas Decor Lighting SPI 3d Pixel Led Ball Artnet/Matrix software controlled 3D RGB DMX LED Pixel balls Light Strings

*50mm 3D LED Pixel ball, 6 LEDs as 1 pixel, 360viewing angle, magical 3D effect.

*DMX512 Protocol,each ball have 3 DMX channels, sharing long-distance of transmission and high ability of anti-interference.
*Multiples of DMX 3D Ball can be designed to form a video, graphic show and 3D visual matrix.
*ArtNet software compatible(like MADRIX), or work with our free software LED Studio.
*Constant current driver contributes to the protecting of LED's lifespan.
*Light and audio controlled synchronously, music controllable.


Item:  3D luminous ball 

IC type:UCS1903/WS2811/DMX512

LED type: 3535RGB, 6 pcs

IP grade: IP65, using irrigation methods sealing glueBALL LIGHT

pixel ball



pixel led ballled ball lighting

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Power Test: Input Voltage 24V, Ta=25℃±5℃ , 30min .
Temperature Test : Input Voltage:25V 30min .
Drop Test : Free fall at 1.2m height , 10 Cycles .
Thermal Shock : -40℃(30min) ~ 100℃ (30min) , 200 Cycles .
Salt Spray Test : Salt 5% , 72H .
UV Test : UV-A, 350-400nm, 60℃ , 72H .
Switching Cycle Test : ON 25 second / OFF 5 second , 5000 cycle .
Puncture Test : DC 500V , Once .
ESD Test : 3000V , Once .
Temperature test : -30℃~65℃,RH 85% , 72H .
Tensile test : 20KG , Once .
Vibration test : Horizontal and vertical direction , 4H .
IP Rating : IP68 0.5m underwater , 48H .
Flame Retardance : UL94-V0 , 10 Cycle.
Christmas Decor Lighting SPI 3d Pixel Led Ball Installation way (flexible way suitable for anyway your project demand)


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