Q: After the rain part of the LED light source signal not to go?

It is recommended in the project before the installation of LED light source in the line with the insulation material bandage, so you can completely remove the water interference signal.

Q: Some LED light source color out how to do?

The point of the light source of a color bad, the point of light source replaced.

Q: LED light source brightness is inconsistent?

Each group of light source head and tail of the power cord must be connected to the power supply (recommended the use of pure copper standard line 1.5 square wire and not shortened within 3 meters).

Q: LED point light source animation is normal but the screen will flash, or the front part of the normal light, the rear light will shake how to do?

(1) Check the controller and the first LED point light source connection is not more than 8 meters maximum distance (such as more than 8 meters in the controller and LED point light source need to increase between the amplifier) or signal line quality problems, use with shielding function cable.

(2) Second check the power supply is to meet the requirements (such as 12mm full-color light source with 300W / 5V power supply can bring about 800 point light source)

Q: LED light source screen will move, but there is no law or part of the law?

Check if the plug is consistent with the wiring diagram of the design. Please follow the drawing to adjust the plug light connection, or re-enter the computer to re-enter the computer to redo the program.

Q: LED light source does not light or part of the light but no animation effect?

(1) check the controller - first check the controller switch is turned on, whether the reader (normal reader is a light 1 light off);

(2) check the LED light source signal input direction, the general point light signal input direction for the four lines, white and green for the signal, red and white for the power;

(3) Check wiring problems, the controller output of conventional products for the GND-white DAT-green line docking

(4) If you can properly switch off the controller about 2 minutes and then open.