Background of the media facade

- Jul 17, 2019-

The emergence of the media facade is not an accidental phenomenon, it has its social and technical background.

Mediation of architecture

First, it stems from the mediatization trend of architecture. Unlike other art types, once a building is built, it will inevitably be presented to the public, unless it is built in a remote, remote place, or built into a private space, but the building is usually built in public space, so the building and Intrinsically, it has a media attribute, or mediation.

media facade lighting

Buildings have their own information, such as form; they can also carry other information, such as the designer's style, and architectural-related events. Before the Internet, especially the popularity of mobile Internet, architecture was not the main media source because of its non-movability, and its identity as a public concern was not obvious.

media facade lighting 1

With the popularity of the mobile Internet, the emergence of the media (We-Media) has further developed the media of the building. More and more buildings have been designed and built for the purpose of communication, and a large number of architects have become famous for designing “signature” buildings, such as Frank O. Gehry and Zaha Hadid. )Wait. The form of architecture media facade lighting is becoming more and more unique on the one hand, and more and more ideographic on the other.

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