Characteristics of the media facade

- Jul 25, 2019-

The LED pixel dot is small in size and easy to hide, which makes the led pixel dot no longer an add-on that is exposed outside the building body. At present, the led pixel dot and the building body in the media facade system are increasingly highly coupled, no longer separate from the building, but have become part of the building or building facade material.

facade lighting (56)

Most designers agree that the media facade should be a means of architectural lighting with both artistic expression and media communication, and in most cases should be based on artistic expression. Reflecting on the technical aspects, the resolution of the image information is not excessively pursued, and the image is not too conspicuous. The light pixel unit can be much thinner than the large screen.

The media facade has become a new phenomenon in the current urban lighting, and it is also one of the focus issues discussed in the academic, design and industrial circles in recent years.