Commercial building lighting design

- Apr 02, 2019-

Commercial building lighting design

Lighting is one of the most attractive ways to maximize the value of contemporary business. Designers consider the consumer groups of more than a dozen colleges and universities, and it is especially important to create a nightly ritual for them.

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The alternating breathing changes of the 3-minute "Blooming Flower" that opens every night, greet the coming of the night. The “Yulong Snow Mountain Light” formed by the slow blue and white changes on the top of the building is a romantic wish. The “Bounced Northern Lights” formed by the dynamic changes of the building facades are attracted by vitality, and the magical lighting injects vitality into the business.

In addition, it has a new thinking of new business, new value, new model, bringing together bookstores, fast fashion, brand catering, designer street shop, theme studio, e-sports, buyer's shop, etc., is contemporary China Typical project for new business.

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Nowadays, most office buildings and shopping malls are designed in a "square" style. Considering the unique ecological environment beside the open lake and backed by the municipal park, the designer creates the inspiration of "Lake Lotus" and lets the surrounding area The building plays a role in setting off and lining up.

In the night, its soft and light shape, graceful curved contours, crystal clear and imaginative space, and outstanding lighting and point-and-line design make it stand out from the high-rise buildings.