Downlights and spotlights

- Jul 06, 2019-

What is the different between downlights and spotlights?From the light source, the downlight can be equipped with an incandescent bulb or an energy-saving lamp. When the incandescent lamp is installed, it is yellow light. When the energy saving lamp is installed, the light bulb type may be white light or yellow light. The direction of the light source of the downlight is not adjustable.

4-inch-downlights 2

From the application position, the downlights are generally installed in the ceiling. Generally, the ceiling needs to be installed above 150mm. Of course, the downlights are also external. It is a good choice to install a downlight in the area without a ceiling or chandelier, and the light is softer than the spotlight. Spotlights can generally be divided into orbital, point-and-hung and in-line. 

4-inch-downlights 3

Spotlights usually have transformers, but there are also transformers. The built-in spotlights can be mounted in the ceiling. Spotlights are mainly used for places that need to be emphasized or expressed, such as video walls, paintings, ornaments, etc., which can be used to enhance the effect.