Downlights Lighting Led Decoration

- Jul 03, 2019-

Downlight material

1. The general household downlight does not exceed 2.5 inches, and 5W energy-saving lamps can be placed.

2, LED downlight is only available in modern times, can be used as a substitute for ordinary downlights, the light is better than ordinary, the disadvantage is that if the fault, 1 or 2 lights can not be replaced.

LED-downlights 2

3, downlight cover material is also divided into a variety of materials, iron surface, pure aluminum, die-casting and other materials, generally iron surface downlights

The price is cheap, pure aluminum and die-casting materials are more expensive, but more durable. There are a lot of iron lamps used in the project, but it is recommended that the downlights for home decoration use a cover that is not easy to rust.

The downlight head is a more important part. The main material of the lamp head is ceramic. The reeds inside are the most important. There are two kinds of copper and aluminum. The good brand is made of aluminum, and the spring is installed under the contact point to enhance the contact. In addition, it is the power cord of the lamp holder. A good brand uses a three-wire wiring lamp head (three wires, ie, fire wire, neutral wire, ground wire), and some will bring the terminal block. This is also a very basic method to distinguish between a good brand and a common brand.

led-downlights 2

Reflective cups are generally two kinds of sand cups and light cups. The material is aluminum, the aluminum material will not change color, and the reflection degree is better. Some small manufacturers will use plastic spray to do it. This new process looks good, but it will darken or even darken over time. The identification method is to look at the uniformity of the cut, the aluminum is cut very neatly, and the spray is the opposite.