Electro-optical media facade

- Jul 26, 2019-

The electro-optical media facade is currently the most important type of media facade. It is a media facade that uses optoelectronic technology, combining new media and artistic means, with lighting and image presentation as the main expression.

facade lighting 1

The planning and design of LED display screens should respect the building volume, proportion, components and other morphological language, fully consider the building's façade renovation plan and nightscape lighting improvement plan, and strive to make the building glow through the embedded unified design and integration transformation. More vigorous vitality.

Using the original indoor functional lighting of the building, each window hole is a "pixel point" to form a grid matrix, and is programmed to form a media information animation composed of internal light transmission.

From the perspective of the overall aesthetics of the building, different resources are broken up and reconstructed to form a unified high-end media facade carrier.