Facade Intelligent lighting

- Jan 11, 2019-

Facade Intelligent lighting,the most attractive one is the company's first full-color model, including a traditional smart light bulb, a smart floodlight and a custom size. Light strips (placed under the cabinet), all three LED lights have white and "millions of" other color adjustment options.

Smart streetlights are a key element in the development of safe, clean and smart cities, and can also be a valuable source of data for future smart cities. Continental Group demonstrated its smart streetlight concept at the 2019 CES show, moving its automotive technology to the infrastructure of future cities. While simplifying lighting management, it can monitor and analyze the environment, traffic and parking information of smart cities.

The new lighting design or development are keeping show up, facade lighting is being more popular all over the world. 3D stage lighting, building facade lighting,architectural and landscape lighting.

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