Facade lighting Lamp color change mode

- Apr 06, 2019-

Facade lighting Lamp color change mode

1.What is the gradient change mode:

It means that the installed luminaires change together at the same time, and each luminaire cannot change color independently.

What is the digital change mode:

It means that the installed luminaires can not only change at the same time, but also have independent IC control on each luminaire. The changes can better reflect the effects of chasing light, flowing water, with grayscale changes, etc., and can also be based on customer requirements. Change mode, etc., can not only achieve these effects, but also display the text, graphics, pictures, etc. when using the luminaire as a screen.

led starry light

2.LED point light source

       It can control and control multiple synchronization changes arbitrarily, which can realize full color change effects such as synchronous colorful, jump, scanning, and water flow. It can also form dot matrix screens with multiple point light sources, and change various pictures, texts, animation effects, etc.; Low power, long life and so on.

Functional LED point light source and LED display can be controlled by computer to transmit advertising information in real time, play advertising video, and freely change advertising content.

The pixel of the LED display is higher, the display precision is correspondingly higher, and the close-range effect is better. The LED point light source display also has a phase when viewed from a long distance.

When good visual effects can meet the long-distance visual needs of large-scale advertisements, neon billboards are relatively monotonous, and cannot be transmitted and replaced in real time, and the functions are poor.

At present, in our product series, there are 50mm led point light source, 60mm led point light source, 80mm led point light source, 33mm led point light source, 42 point light source, 120 point light source.

dmx pixel light (1)

3.High power LED flood light

        LED Downlight (LED Downlight) is also called spotlight, projection lamp, spotlight, etc. It is mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, as well as for commercial space lighting. The decorative components are heavier, and its appearance is round and also Fang, because generally have to consider the cause of heat dissipation, so its shape and the traditional floodlights still have some differences, in small engineering applications, can be used without controller, can achieve gradual change, jump, color flicker, Random effects such as random flickering and gradual alternation can also achieve the effects of chasing and scanning through the control of DMX. At present, its main application sites are probably: single building, historical building group exterior wall lighting, building exterior light, indoor partial lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other special facilities lighting, bars, The atmosphere of the entertainment venues such as the ballroom and so on.

       Product picture as shown below

flood light

4.LED surface light source

The LED surface light source is a kind of LED light source, and comprises a frame made of metal material and four LED light bars disposed along the periphery of the frame, and the LED light bar includes four pieces respectively corresponding to the lengths of the sides of the frame. An LED circuit board and a plurality of LED lamp beads disposed on each of the circuit boards are respectively provided with long slots corresponding to the lengths of the respective circuit boards on the inner sides of the frame, and the four LED light bars respectively correspond to Provided in the long groove, in the long groove at the two sides of the LED light bar, a reflective sheet for reflecting the light emitted by the LED lamp bead and a light-emitting sheet for changing and conducting the LED lamp bead are respectively disposed Light guide plate

       At present, our company does not produce a lot of LED tile lights, LED floor tiles, brick lights. Our company produces 300×300 specifications. The floor tiles have 600×600, 800×800, which can be digital or can be done. Monochrome, full color gradient.

3d ball (1)

5.LED lamp controller and control system introduction

                 The LED controller is a switch that controls various positions in the LED lamp circuit through chip processing.

               The controller controls the driving circuit according to a preset program to cause the LED array to regularly emit light or display

               Text and graphics.

               The classification of LED controllers is mainly classified by control mode such as offline connection.

               The offline controller does not need to be connected to the computer, and all the internal displays to be displayed are stored on the memory card.

               The online controller is connected to the computer, and all the content to be displayed is not only easy to update, but also synchronized with the computer.

               Can be quickly displayed.