Canada's largest intelligent LED street light

- Dec 14, 2018-

In December, Montreal, Canada ushered in a milestone, 50,000 street lights were replaced with LED lights, this transformation also includes the deployment of an intelligent lighting management system.

This is part of a five-year, $82 million (£65 million, 565 million yuan) project to transform Montreal into an innovative city. It is reported that the ultimate goal of the street lamp project is to replace the light source of 132,000 street lamps with LEDs, which is said to be the largest intelligent LED street lamp project in Canada so far.

A key element of the project is the full interoperability between the various systems in the city. According to project engineer Isabelle Lessard, this is the best way to get a unique and advanced platform without having to rely on the technical limitations of a single vendor.

The project manager and system integrator is Quebec Enterprise Energere. DimOnOff, a Quebec company specializing in lighting control systems, was selected to provide an integrated platform, management software and 20% nodes and gateways. In addition, the former GE company Current provides 60% of the equipment. Telematic Wireless, the global leader in wireless networking, is providing the final 20% of nodes and gateways.

The city has required intelligent lighting management systems to operate as early as possible in the first phase of the project, which means that streetlight replacement and the development of the necessary network infrastructure must be achieved at the same time.