Led dance floor function

- Feb 13, 2019-

LED floor lamp with LED dedicated controller, can achieve a variety of dynamic effects such as colorful jump, gradient, chase, water, expansion, compression, etc., can also be arranged according to customer requirements into a certain dynamic graphics or production into a dynamic display, real-time display The computer synchronizes images or pre-arranged images.

LED interactive induction brick light.With the further expansion of the LED interactive floor tile application market, such as (square ground, street ground, park ground and stage performing arts, exhibition activities, etc.) also has a wide range of needs, LED interactive floor tiles in the stage performance of the huge effect has been The use of the most vivid, creating a magnificent, very modern scene.

The outdoor LED interactive floor light is a novel LED floor light equipment specially designed for the use of the square ground embellished landscape lighting. Flexible modular design for a wide range of applications including floor and floor, T-stage. The sensitivity is very high, the reliability is very strong, and the safety is smart and energy-saving. At the same time, it adopts modular structure design.