Led Downlights Features

- Jul 04, 2019-

Compact and high luminous flux. The energy consumption of the energy-saving lamp is 1/5 of the incandescent lamp, but the life is incandescent.

Six times the size of the lamp, the compact design of the 175 size, suppresses the presence of the luminaire and creates a bright space.


There are two kinds of reflectors with mirror and frosted. A glittering specular reflector that blends the frosted reflector of the ceiling with moderate brilliance.

The sliding fixed card is adopted for convenient construction. It can be installed on ceilings of different thicknesses from 3mm to 25mm, which can be easily removed during maintenance.

There are many color temperatures for energy-saving lamps. There are three types of energy-saving lamps: 6400K (white light), 4000K (neutral light), and 2700K (yellow light). These three color temperatures can create different atmospheres. The most suitable color tube can be selected according to different purposes.