LED film screen Led Mesh Screen Display Light

- May 16, 2020-

LED transparent film screen, LED mesh screen mainly used for architectural glass curtain wall, curved glass curtain wall, has the characteristics of high transparency, ultra-thin and thin. It can be bent and cut freely, and the size can be customized according to the application scenario. 


It is easy to install and can be installed directly inside and outside the glass curtain wall of the building without structural shielding, which will not affect the original structure, appearance and indoor lighting of the building. The film screen, led mesh screen has obvious technical advantages in application scenarios such as glass curtain walls.


High-definition and high-transparency, the picture is exquisite, and the effect is good during the day and night, giving a relaxed and refreshing visual experience.


It has high softness and can be bent greatly, which is conducive to various shapes and designs and give full play to free creative space.

The transparent screen can be replaced in a single block, without having to scrap the whole block, and the simple, convenient and efficient concept is carried through to the end.

Lightweight, transparent, beautiful, and full of sense of technology and fashion, this transparent soft led mesh screen can be applied to a variety of scenes such as glass curtain walls, glass elevators, guardrails, brand display cabinets, creative art landscapes, stage performances and so on.