Led Linear lighting application scene

- May 14, 2020-

Led linear lamps are not only used in the office field. Designers apply it to high-end commercial spaces, home spaces, industrial lighting and other environments to construct different light and shadow effects.

XT02-30mm led linear light

Suitable for bar counters, kitchens, clothing stores, wine cabinets, stairs, stores, reception desks, walls, bookcases, toilets, bedrooms, dance rooms, display cabinets, aisles, suspended ceilings, etc.

Linear lights can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lights according to the scene and design requirements, to better provide lighting and atmosphere rendering for the space.

XT05-28mm led linear light

Linear lighting is also very aesthetically pleasing when used as an art installation and light fixture. The meticulous and uniform light can be freely transformed and combined in the space, bringing the basic lighting effect, but also showing the huge artistic appeal and showing its unique charm. And space feeling.

led linear light

Linear lights are also widely used in commercial spaces, giving people a bright, rhythmic sense of rhythm. The overall atmosphere can be easily created through lighting. In space design, light is an indispensable decorative element.