Led Video Mesh Screen Solution

- Nov 30, 2019-

Led Video Mesh Screen Solution Provider.  Bring your digital content and lighting design to life. Our LED screens displays / Led Mesh Screen is completely under your control.

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Its products include  LED video displays / Led Mesh Screen for facade lighting,entertainment lighting, bridge lighting and events lighting (staging and rental) and trade show industries. It also has the functiion for outdoor LED billboards and message board for advertising field.

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With the acceleration of the pace of urban construction, the decorating and brightening of outdoor buildings is also an essential project, it can greatly enhance the overall image of the city, the city lit up at night, people go shopping,play,leisure but also promote the economic development of the whole city.

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Flex for any irregular shaped screens

Concave, convex, round, column, S shaped

Front Service with Magnetic Module

Light, thin, easy installation, plug and play

Design without Limitation