Lighting Design Landscape Smart Lighting

- Jul 10, 2020-

Lighting design is not only as simple as night lighting, but also needs to create a harmonious atmosphere between people and lights. Through the lighting design, viewers can have more interactive experiences. There is also a narrow field of vision at night, which requires more attention to safety.


(1) Design different lighting effects according to different functional areas of the park;

(2) Reflect people-oriented, fully design lighting from the perspective of tourists;

(3) Consider the invisibility of the lamps and lanterns in the visual range, ensure that "see the light but not the lamp", make full use of the infrastructure of the park to hide the lamps, and integrate the lamps and the park;

(4) Strictly control the problem of light escape and avoid light pollution to the sky and surrounding environment;

(5) Appropriate use of colored lights and dynamic effects, and when conditions permit, add interactive lights to increase interest;

(6) Set up a lighting control system to realize the theme and energy saving of lighting in different areas from the perspective of control strategy.

In the landscape lighting design of the park, the choice of lamps and lanterns should be based on the style of the park. The shape of the lamps and lanterns should be consistent with the theme of the park and the atmosphere of the environment. It is not allowed to blindly pursue luxury, otherwise it may produce a feeling of incoordination with the environment. 

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