Main Forms of Led Facade Lighting Product

- Aug 08, 2020-

According to the requirements of ligthing project, led products will have different function to show the lighting design effect.

The main forms of lamps are:

① Open type: the light source is in direct contact with the outside space;

② Closed type: The light source is enclosed by a transparent cover, but the air inside and outside can still circulate freely;

③ Enclosed type: the light source is wrapped in a light-transmitting cover, and the fixed place of the light-transmitting cover is generally closed, which is more reliable to isolate from the outside, but the internal and external air can still circulate limited;

④ Airtight type: the light source is wrapped in a translucent cover, and the fixed part of the translucent cover is tightly sealed, and the isolation from the outside is quite reliable, and the air inside and outside cannot circulate;

⑤ Explosion-proof type: the light source is wrapped in a transparent cover, and the transparent cover itself, its fixing place and the lamp housing can withstand the required pressure, and can be used safely in places with explosive risks.

Buildings, courtyards, squares, block shops, gardens, roads, etc. constitute the basic carrier of city night lighting. The carrier is different, and its landscape lighting settings and control methods are also quite different.