Media facade redefines the relationship between lighting and the city

- Jul 22, 2019-

Media facade redefines the relationship between lighting and the city.The landscape lighting of the city reflects the regional culture of a city, and at the same time it also enhances the competitive environment of the city to a certain extent.

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From the initial full bright to the new exotic, running flash, the scene's picture, picture level, and then to brightness and color contrast, digital display, etc., this road has come, we have seen the rapid development of China's urban landscape lighting. Nowadays, people not only meet the needs of lighting, but also pay attention to the coordination of lighting and surrounding environment, and improve the overall beauty of lighting. 

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It can be said that it is from material demand to individual and spiritual needs. Under the current Internet economy, many people worry that in the virtual world, face-to-face communication between people will be reduced, and efficient information transfer will make people's communication of open space more important. Especially in an international metropolis, all kinds of competitive pressures are frequent, and fast-paced work and life have become the norm.

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For lighting, what can we do with the media facade for modern cities? At the 2018 China Landscape Lighting Development Conference hosted by the Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association, Hu Wei, the deputy chief engineer of the Beijing Qingkong Institute of Optoelectronics Research Institute, shared the keynote speech on creating value with light. Through examples, we can explain how to create a beautiful city image with charm, vitality and high quality through the media facade of architecture and space in the city.