Military sports meeting with event facade lighting

- Oct 29, 2019-

On October 18th, the 7th World Military Games was grandly opened in Wuhan, China. The opening ceremony used the most advanced sound and light stage technology to present a beautiful and exciting moment to the world. 

3D EVENT lighting

The lighting planning of the military sports center mainly focuses on "delivering to the world: grand narrative, cohesiveness, and assistance to the city: distance and balance, sustainable management, happiness for the people: citizen activities, night economy". 

facade lighting (5)facade lighting (4)

At the opening ceremony, the 360-degree lighting panorama of Wuhan Sports Center shows that nearly 900,000 different lamps of different shapes are instantly lit, the perfect combination of technology and art, the colorful and magnificent lighting shines, not only makes the audience more In order to intuitively feel the visual effect of the three-dimensional multi-dimensional, it also pushed this shining venue to the focus of the world!

led linear light

In order to successfully hold this military sports meeting, the organizing committee of the competition entered the intensive preparation period as early as two years ago. In the LED lighting industry, many companies have made outstanding contributions to the military sports conference, which has promoted the transformation of Wuhan's urban landscape, and the distinctive highlights of the district have debuted, showing the modern metropolis style.