More design way in landscape lighting

- Feb 24, 2019-

Landscape lighting design method:Cascade lighting;Moonlight illumination;Multi-space stereo illumination.

Cascading lighting method: adopting a variety of lights for specific scenes in the outdoor, only highlighting those most exciting parts, and keeping the rest in the dark to present the characteristics of the subject;

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Moonlight illumination method: As the name implies, it is to form a corresponding lighting effect through the use of moonlight. Generally, the light source is set on a tall branch or a building body to simulate the moonlight light sensation, and the tree branches and leaves can be formed on the ground. a certain light and shadow;

landscape lighting

Multi-space stereoscopic lighting: It usually takes a comprehensive view of various lighting methods from the three-dimensional environment in which the scene space exists, giving the scenic spots and specific scenes the best lighting state, reflecting the appropriate light and dark changes, and presenting the lighting objects. Clear outlines, this lighting method can highlight the three-dimensional features of the object and highlight some artistic connotations.