New Ecology--Landscape Design

- Oct 25, 2018-

Lighting design needs to respect people and the environment, let the light just stop where it should be, when all the light is in harmony with people and the environment, use light to express the carrier and space, so that it can depict a light and people and the environment. Dialogue map.

8 facade led lighting

"The value of lighting is unquestionable. It includes social value, environmental value and economic value. First of all, the happiness index that has been mentioned since Xi’s appointment has enriched people’s night life experience and provided a safe living environment. To improve the performance of a social value of the people's livelihood; secondly, the lighting can respond to different psychological demands, environmental conditions and the public's psychological expectations of the environment, and targeted design.

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For example, through a variety of control systems to properly control this changing demand to meet people's demand for a beautiful lighting environment; lighting can also take advantage of the characteristics of space carriers, expand the time depth of the resources and the width of the situation, improve the efficiency of resources, Give more value to the space, thus highlighting the economic value of the light. For example, at the current stage of the literary literary night tour, the light plays a vital role in it. "