New opportunities of lighting industry

- Mar 11, 2019-

Speaking of the problems currently facing the lighting industry, every business can pour out a bitter stomach.

A large number of homogenized products flood the market, businesses lack their own characteristics, and the degree of specialization is not high, which is the true portrayal of the current domestic lighting industry. 

led pixel ball

1. Global lighting is made in China. There is no real international lighting brand in China.

2. China is a big country in lighting manufacturing, but it is not a big country with famous lighting brands;

3. The international market share of Chinese lighting brands is still very low, and only a few brands in the international market layout have begun to be laid out.

The industry capital chain is broken, the growth of enterprises is weak, and the incident of bankruptcy has occurred. Closing this door will open a new window, where is the new opportunity for the lighting industry?