Night travel economy 1

- Oct 28, 2019-

With the development of the city, facade lighting or landscape lighting, the night travel economy has become an important indicator to measure urban development. More and more urban builders realize that the current urban tourism is still in the passive situation of “during daytime travel and leaving at night”.

facade lighting

The night scene lighting has become a breakthrough. How to enhance the night travel experience to drive the local economy? Qiu Linyi, general manager of Jiangxi Landscape Reading Communication Co., Ltd., interpreted Jiangxi from seven aspects.

3D EVENT lighting

Lighting design is from the essential needs of human beings to the understanding of light, and the need for light depends on the relationship between perception and the light environment. Nearly 90% of external information comes from visual perception. However, as the study found that in addition to the human vision, light has a great impact on physiology and health, which is an increasingly large challenge to lighting design in recent years. All the light is focused on the needs of people and the behavior of people, on this basis can make a suitable lighting for everyone.