Qualifications for Lighting Projects

- Aug 06, 2019-

What qualifications are required for lighting projects? The lighting project, also known as the urban glory project, refers to the illumination of the city's environment and the overall image of the city, and the lighting of the landmark buildings, shopping malls, tourist attractions, and street traffic.

Lighting engineering design is very important for urban roads and lighting landscapes. Lighting projects not only bring us beautiful cities, but also illuminate the lights of our pedestrian roads at night, so what qualifications do we need to brighten engineering design? 

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Lighting projects include lighting, LED lighting, refers to all lighting related work, lighting engineering construction qualifications are divided into three levels:

Level 1 qualification:

In the past 5 years, the company has undertaken the construction of more than 4 of the following 5 items, and the quality of the lighting project is qualified.

1. Transformer installation project with capacity above 160kvA.

2. A lighting project with two or more power sources that can be self-invested.

3, 10kv or more substation, power distribution room, installation engineering and 3 seats.

4. The equipment investment is more than 300,000 lighting projects.

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Secondary qualification:

In the past five years, it has undertaken more than two of the following three lighting projects, and the quality of the project is qualified.

1, 10kv cable or line lighting project.

2. The equipment is invested in 300,000 lighting projects.

3. Transformer installation project with capacity above 100KVA.

Level 3 qualification:

In the past 5 years, the company has undertaken lighting engineering distribution rooms of more than 380v and lighting engineering construction of cables over 5 kilometers, and the project quality standards.

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1. The highest annual project settlement income of the company in the past three years is more than 4 million.

2. The registered capital of the enterprise is more than 2 million yuan, and the net assets of the enterprise are less than 3 million.

3. The enterprise manager has more than 3 years of experience in engineering management or has a middle or higher professional title.

For lighting projects that do not have different construction costs, the qualifications required for lighting projects will be different. High-qualification and low-demand projects are no problem. If low-qualification projects are required, it will not be met.