Restore the essence of the building and feel the charm of lighting

- May 04, 2020-

In the rapid development of urban construction, more and more buildings with huge volumes and strange shapes have stood up and become the city's iconic buildings.In addition to marveling at the fascinating architectural design, people are inevitably also illuminated by their bright lights Persuaded, whenever night falls, the building is more patchwork under the bright lights.


If the building during the day is stable, atmospheric, and alienated, the building at night is more pyrotechnic. The light makes the building no longer just a cold object, but more bears the designer's ideas and ideas, reflecting the cultural connotation and historical style of a city. The super high-rise building has a large scale and high requirements for lighting reliability. 


The lighting design is more complicated than other buildings. It should emphasize the significance to the city skyline, emphasize the performance of the top space of the building, and reflect the integration of architecture and nature. 


The design should be based on the principle of highlighting the characteristics of the building itself, using lighting technology combined with advanced lighting design concepts and other methods to express the architectural language and highlight the unique style of the building.We must pay attention to the coordination with the surrounding environment and pay attention to the brightness and color of the building facade. The unity of the building to create a unique architectural image.


With the economic progress and the development of science and technology, high-rise buildings rise up one after another, and the resulting sideline construction has also continuously emerged.Super high-rise building lighting has become the top priority of night scene lighting nowadays, not only showing the charm and culture of the city. It can also attract customers and stimulate consumption, so as to achieve a double harvest of social and economic benefits.

Therefore, super high-rise building lighting design must take into account advancedness and artistry, organically integrate science and technology, culture and art, and create unique architectural lighting effects. Demonstrate the characteristics of the times of super high-rise buildings.