Special light source for landscape lighting

- Apr 07, 2021-

Special light source for landscape lighting: OSRAM LED lamp beads


The high quality of OSRAM LED lamp beads is obvious to all in the industry. No matter what kind of lighting products in the application field, OSRAM lamp beads can easily drive slaves. Osram OSLON SSL Color lamp beads product portfolio for landscape lighting, compact package (3.0 mm x 3.0 mm); wide range of colors (451 nm-730 nm); three beam angles of 80°, 120° and 150° ; The thermal resistance is extremely low; the maximum drive current is up to 1 A. OSLON SSL Color provides a set of unique color saturation colors, high color purity, and the most comprehensive ceramic package color light series. It is an ideal light source for all high-quality applications in indoor and outdoor environments.


OSLON SSL lamp bead product portfolio for landscape lighting special light source, compact package (3.0 mm×3.0 mm); two beam angles of 80° and 150; main parameters are thermally binned at 85°C; thermal resistance is extremely low; provided Multiple color temperatures and multiple color rendering indexes; low thermal resistance of 3.7 K/W can effectively reduce system cost; high luminous efficiency maintenance rate can still be maintained at higher current; maximum drive current up to 1.3A; complete CRI and CCT ranges are provided; Products of the same level have better performance and are ideal for many applications.

The special light source for landscape lighting OSRAM DURIS S5 Color series has a wider wavelength range and is suitable for full-spectrum light mixing solutions; a complete product portfolio adopts an industry standard package size of 3×3 mm; the industry standard 3030 package makes the process more stable and has Higher cost performance; best heat/cold flux coefficient (85°C ~ 25°C); single-channel driver solution design, which can realize all colors: red, amber, green, blue and auxiliary white; red light And amber LED set the highest temperature stability in history; blue chip plus phosphor conversion technology, the same electrical characteristics of the whole series, convenient for system design; more cost-effective color light scheme, and simplified application design.