The classification of LED controller

- Jun 25, 2018-

The online controller includes H801TV, H802TV. H801TV and H802TV are the on-line master control of data transmission through the DVI/HDMI interface, and the matching control is H801ra and H801RB. H801TV each maximum control 786 432 (780,000) pixel points, h802tv each maximum control 300,000 pixel point.

H802TV supports replication mode, while H801TV does not support, but supports arbitrary styling of LED lamps. Offline controllers include H802sa, H802SB, H801SC, H802SC, H801SD, H801se, H802ta, H802TB, H801TC, H802TC, H804TC. H802sa and H801se are four output of stand-alone machines, H802SB with infrared remote control of the one-port output controller, H801SC and H802SC is the power synchronous stand-alone, H801SD is eight output single machine. H801TC is the Power synchronization master, H802ta is the main control with GPRS function, H802TC is the main control with GPS synchronous function, H804TC is the main control with RF synchronization.

The master needs to be used in conjunction with the split-H801ra or H801RB. The removable controller includes H801ra, H801RB and H803TC. H801ra and H801RB are split-controlled, used together with offline master to form an offline system that is used together with online master to form an online system and directly connected to a computer network.

H803TC can receive data from a computer network, and can also read data from an SD card to be sent to a separate control.