Where are the LED linear lights installed?

- Jun 17, 2020-

With the improvement of consumption level, the layout form, light source type, lamp style and light distribution method of lamps and lanterns have become the top priority in home decoration. LED line lamp lighting products focusing on energy-saving lamps and LEDs continue to emerge, led lines The lamp lighting industry will enter a new energy-saving era. In order to better save energy, the lamp should be distinguished according to function: universal lighting and accent lighting. The general lighting should use general illuminance, and the key lighting should be used for spaces such as artworks and entrances.

1. Illumination of foyer, lobby and corridor. The foyer, lobby, and corridor are the places people must pass by. They are the first impressions when entering the room. Generally, small spherical lamps, oblate or square ceiling lamps are used. Their specifications, sizes, and sizes should match the living room.

2. Living room lighting. The living room is the central area for family members' activities. The number and brightness of the led line lights must be adjustable, so that the family style can be fully displayed. Mostly use a combination of general lighting and local lighting, that is, a main lamp, and then with a variety of other auxiliary led line lights. Such as: wall lights, down lights, spot lights, etc.

3. Bedroom lighting. The main function of the bedroom is to rest, but it is not a single sleeping area. The choice of lamp shape and color should be based on creating a quiet and warm atmosphere. The lighting method should be indirect or diffuse. For indoor indirect lighting, the color of the ceiling should be light, and the effect of reflected light is good. If small, low-wattage spotlights are used for lighting, the ceiling should be dark, which can create a romantic and sensual atmosphere. Try to avoid placing the bed under the chandelier, so that when people lie on the bed, there will be no light to stimulate the eyes.