Why the led wall wash not light on?

- May 02, 2019-

    Why the led wall wash not light on?In the production process of LED wall washers, we may encounter such a problem. After the LED chips are mounted on the finished products, some of them are not bright, but they can be lit up after being removed.

And this problem is believed to be common to insiders, and it is generally the case:

    This depends on the string and relationship. If there is a single light in the series that is not bright, it may be a short circuit of the solder paste or a chip leakage; but if it is determined to be a single dead light, but it is turned off, then it will be a solder paste. 

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    The second is the problem of the product itself. When the solder paste is solidified, the stress will cause the gold wire of the product to open at a certain break point. However, when the pressure is removed, the stress is released, and the gold wire at the breakpoint is When they are combined, they are bright again, but the gold line has been disconnected. This is like some people who said that the chip is sometimes bright and sometimes not lit, and the gold wire is broken, and the position is bright and bright.

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    The products not only provide comfortable lighting space, but also It can meet the physiological and health needs of people well, and is a healthy light source that protects vision and is environmentally friendly.