Tourist Attractions Lighting DC24V LED Pixel Dot

Tourist Attractions Lighting DC24V LED Pixel Dot

Tourist Attractions Lighting DC24V LED Pixel Dot SH-JD8002 Led Pixel Dot.
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Tourist Attractions Lighting DC24V LED Pixel Dot

The principle of led pixel dot ,point light source, is to mix colors with thousands of pixels, and use the visual characteristics of the human eye to achieve intelligent facade lighting with various graphics and color points from the point and surface. The design of the density, distance and size of the light source points can be differentiated. It can display a variety of patterns in various curtain lights, walls and advertising wall lights to achieve better decoration effects.

Building decoration SMD3535 RGB 80mm dc24v 12 leds light point led

Product nameSH-JD8002 Led Pixel Dot
ColorFull color
Control modeDMX
Warranty3 years
ApplicationBuilding outline decoration
Led type3SMD3535RGB 12pcs + SMD 2835W 4pcs
Protection gradeIP68

One of the advantages of using a led pixel dot, led point light source is that it can realize the synchronous change of any multiple controls, which can make the large screen appear a variety of rich and varied effects, such as synchronous colorful, full-flow and jump effects, or both. 


The definition of media façade and media architecture should be: the main purpose of artistic aesthetics, and at the same time the role of commercial propaganda, the information media system (mainly electronic media system) and architectural design, facade technology, lighting (in special cases) Underneath, it also includes natural light and shadow. It is a combination of organic building and concrete building. Media building is an extension of the media facade on the entire building system.

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