IP65 LED Wall Washer For Building Lighting

Architectural lighting led wall washer.Led wall washer controller adopts high-quality aluminum material and surface paint treatment process, which has good heat dissipation effect and good sealing performance. It effectively prevents dust and rain from entering the controller. The controller can flexibly change the speed and mode of the lamp according to the button.
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IP65 Led Wall Washer for Building Lighting    

Power size: The power of the wall washer determines the distance of its projection. Generally, there are 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W and other parameters. But the power is not fixed. The power can be flexibly changed according to requirements!

General high power LED Wall washers are all single rows, and multiple rows are called linear LED floodlights!

IP gradeIP65
Applicationarchitechtural lighting led wall washer



5034 021 36W LED WALL WASHER

3 led wall washer

Generally adopt RGB control mode, international standard DMX512 protocol control system, through the import of high-end LED chips from abroad, built-in constant current power supply to ensure the stability of the lamps. 

voltage: LED wall washer voltage can be divided into DC DC and AC AC, generally built-in power supply external AC220V (Japan AC110V) mains, etc., externally, generally low voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27V and so on. The voltage varies according to different requirements and different manufacturers.

LED wall washers, the image is said to let the lights wash the wall like water, mainly used for architectural decorative lighting, can also be used to outline the outline of large buildings.


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Led type: led wall washer
Wire out way: Bilateral exit
Size: 1000*54*34mm
IP grade: IP65
Voltage: DC24V
Power: 36*1W
Color: 3000K/single color
Application: Landscape lighting
1) According to the position of the lamp and the power supply, do the pre-installation work;
2) Adjust the illumination angle of the wall washer when installing, fix the lamp firmly with the screw;
3) Connect the lamp to the power cable firmly, and wrap the unused wire with waterproof tape. When installing the wiring, the number of series of wall washers is kept at 5~6, to prevent the back pressure drop from being large when the series is connected. Please check the installation line after installation to confirm the installation is correct, no electrical short circuit, then Corresponding control power supply;
4) Wall washers should be installed and repaired to ensure that they can be operated while the power is off;
5) The lamps are only suitable for mounting on the surface of non-combustible materials, and at any time, insulation pads or No similar materials can cover the surface of the luminaire.


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