Amusement Lighting In Malaysia

- Nov 27, 2018-

Amusement lighting in Malaysia

2.Support the DMX512 control, you can choose auto or manual address to meet the different occasions.
3.Also support SPI,like WS2811,UCS1903 protocol.
4.Use the high quality SMD 5050 lights design, red, green, blue, white, etc color can be chosen.
5.Use the high efficiency DC to DC power management design, energy saving up to 40%.
6.All potting glue craft, waterproof performance can achieve IP68,can be totally used outdoor.
High-brightness LED chips, clear and pleasant lighe beam, bright and non-glare.
• With DMX controller, it can achieve color fading, skiping, scanning, chasing, playing fiash and video, etc.
• DMX signal is in parallel connection, avoiding all lights influenced by the failure of one light in serial connection.
• After installation, DMX addresses can be set automatically, solving the trouble of setting DMX address and saving time.
• Waterproof design, engery-saving, low-cost of maintenance, and long service life.

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