Building Lighting/led Building Lighting Project

- Feb 02, 2021-


Building lighting is an outdoor lighting project for building line lighting decoration, mainly composed of line lights, point light sources and other lighting units. Building lighting requires clear lines, clear levels, and reasonable use of colors. It should not only show the outline of the overall building, but also reflect the beauty of the night scene.


Key points of building lighting:

1. Cost budget: Cost is the basis of building lighting. Generally, the greater the cost, the higher the lighting quality. But choose the most suitable.

2. Design first, without a good design, no matter how much the cost is spent, it will be wasted

3. Quality first, the product quality of the building body lighting must be guaranteed, combined with the cost budget, choose the most suitable.

4. The maintenance period, the life span of the lighting products, and the quality assurance commitment of the construction unit are usually 3 years.

5. Service, in the final analysis, lighting is service. Big brands have good quality, but the prices are high, while small brands have average quality and low prices. Each has its own strengths, but services should be available. So choosing a good service is the most important thing.