Building Media Wall Lighting

- Apr 13, 2019-

Building Media Wall Lighting in Shanxi,China

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Project Introduction

This building is located in Shanxi,China. 

This Media Wall Lighting project completed in March,2019.

This building size is 58m high and 45m width. 

All this facade need to be installed SH LED 80mm led pixel dots.

All SH LED pixel dots form into lines and show us the vivid animation and effect picture or video, pls check the attachment.


Project Description

These SH LED led pixel dots are be installed by glue for industrial project.

The installation distance between each led pixel dot,horizonal 2000mm, vertical 500mm.

Total quantity of SH LED led pixel dot is about 5500pcs.

The led pixel dot voltage is DC24V, and the wattage is 3w.

Control system use Main controller and Sub-controller, 1pcs and 6pcs. We design the control system with power box for outdoor lighting project.SH LED design or customize control and power supply system for project special demand, which support DMX / ARTNET / SPI control mode.SH LED can help with hardware and software for your lighting project demand.

Product Selection Analysis

The reason to use SH LED JD80 led pixel dot.

Firstly,the safety consideration. In the project place, the weather is hot and have heavy rain in summer. SH LED JD80 led pixel dot can work well at the condition of high temperature and bad weather. We use the material Anti-cold, Anti-UV, flame retardant rating 94V0, waterproof IP68.Of course, the product with CE, ROHS, the power supply system control system and led accessories are used for lighting project, all of the project safety problem will be taken into account when SH LED engineer design and material selection.

Secondly,the effect or animation consideration.This building media wall lighting area is some lines or outlines.The effect demand is color chasing, color or brightness changing, white or yellow, show advertisement letters and so on. And it need easy change the effect for different holiday or festival. These demand are SH LED JD series basic function, so it is really easy to satisfy the demand with high quality wonderful presentation.

Thirdly,installation consideration. This project support aluminum installation way, steel sire with plastic buckle installation way, steel sire with plastic rode installation way, screw installation way. According to our customer demand, they need install this by glue.

打胶安装 facade lighting

What's more, the budget is also be taken into a project normally. SH LED team have taken all info account, give the best integrated solution for our customer.

SH LED Product Advantage Summary

Through actual verification , we have reached the following conclusions:

First, the point source is small and lightweight, and it can be used with many fixtures, which are not available in other fixtures.

Second, the LED point light source has good environmental protection. The point source contains no metallic mercury and will not cause mercury contamination when it is discarded. In addition, it can be recycled even if it is discarded, so it can be environmentally friendly and save resources.

Third, the LED point light source has good safety and stability. The point source is fully DC-driven at six to twenty-four Ford voltages, making it safe and suitable for use in public places. In addition, under the same conditions, the point light source has a small light decay and can be used for a long time, and can withstand frequent switching, compared with the conventional light source.

Fourth, the point source has good shock and impact resistance. The point light source itself utilizes the principle of semiconductor light emission, and its structure is composed of epoxy resin surrounding the lead frame. Its composition does not contain glass, and it is not necessary to pump the inside into a vacuum or to charge a specific gas. It can be seen that the point source has good earthquake resistance and impact resistance, which brings convenience to many aspects such as production and transportation.

Fifth, the point source can direct the light and direct the surface of the object, and the utilization rate is high. In the continuous development of LED lighting related technology, the efficiency of its illumination has increased tenfold, but this is far from the upper limit.

Sixth, the LED point source has a fast response time. The point source has a nanosecond response time, which is much better than a typical light.

The seventh is that the LED point light source has a very rich light color, and it uses various means such as chemical modification and monochromatic light mixing to realize the effects of light-emitting and discoloration of various colors in the visible light band. These effects have great advantages in decoration and lighting.


Technique Support from SH LED engineer team

In this lighting project, our sales and engineer team help with the technique support.

The process: 

1) Master project information 

(CAD file, Actual building picture, Effect description or reference video)

2) Product selection service

3) Make program budget (Led hardware and software technique support)

4) Design led pixel dot samples

5) Project promotion (Solve customer's confusion or concern factor)

6) Signing contracts

7) Scheduling production

8) After-sales service (Installation diagram , effect video, engineeer debug on the scene)

9) Project completion

From the beginning of the project, we provide professional service and help our customer winning the bid or complete the project smoothly. Give the quick feedback and solution. When problem occurs, we arrange the professional person to give the timely assistance, until our customer satisfied with it. Finally, the building media facade wall lighting project completed and we have a got great feedback and trust, that's important for our long time business and company development.