Chile Santiago Entertainment Garland Lighting

- Dec 14, 2019-

Chile Santiago Entertainment Garland Lighting

Project Location: Santiago, Chile

Start date: October, 2019

Completion date: November, 2019


Dazzling 3D LED Garland crystal screens, hanging in the San Diego shopping center, smart 3D glowing balls, colorful, shining with colorful lights, change another look every other time, and build a picture together Gorgeous 3D animation greatly renders a unique festive atmosphere. 


With its irresistible visual impact, 3D Garland led crystal screens have stimulated people's consumption impulse and joy, becoming a tool for creating atmosphere, attracting customers, and improving their image.


The 3D crystal Garland Lighting abandons the stereotype of the lighting engineering in the traditional industry in the past, giving everyone a new image and new appearance, and its importance has been further enhanced. 


Not only enhance the brand image of the overall business square, get more customer views, but also inspire customers.


Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing LED lighting solutions for landscape lighting projects, and creates countless commercial beauty with creativity. The professional R & D team provides overall solutions for landscape lighting projects for engineering companies, governments and owners, saving you time and energy!


The project uses SH LED Tech. SH-O50B01 3D luminous ball (3D led pixel ball). Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co., Ltd. provides supporting products and technical services. The product uses RGB full-color lamp beads with PC lampshade, 360-degree illumination, high brightness and full style. Taiwan Epistar chip, good light color consistency, stable brightness, good color saturation, low voltage DC24V safe low voltage, long life, slow light decay, energy saving and other features; each LED is equipped with a 256 gray level IC, One lamp, one IC, can realize any color change through the controller; waterproof grade IP65, suitable for Christmas decoration, garden decoration, handicraft decoration, outdoor decoration, office, hotel, square, flower and wood, leisure place decoration, wedding set, hotel , hotels, bars, clubs, concerts, karaoke bars, stage and other places.


Founded in 2011, Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, R&D, production, sales and service. It focuses on the production of LED outdoor landscape lighting application products and integrated Landscape facade lighting engineering solutions.