Detailed Explanation Of The Installation Method Of Led Line Light

- Mar 23, 2021-

The installation steps are roughly divided into wall line lamp installation and finished line lamp installation

XT01-22mm LED

Installation steps of the wall surface lamp

1. During hydropower construction, the wall is slotted to reserve power lines;

2. Install the frameless aluminum profile embedded parts in advance before painting the wall;

3. Putty and paint on the wall to cover the aluminum frame, after the completion of the lamp, the acrylic cover is attached to the surface;

4. The ceiling is brushed with decorative paint. In the early stage, the ceiling light-transmitting cover must be sealed with tape, and then uncovered after painting to leave a complete linear lighting effect.

Finished line lamp installation steps

1. Fix the position with screws

2. Align the aluminum slot with the card slot and press lightly

Note: Plan the wiring and slot well in advance to save trouble. The matching can be matched according to your own preferences. Too many colors of 2 or 3 lights will seem a bit messy.