Do You Know LED Wall Washer And LED Linear Light?

- Mar 23, 2021-


  • The LED wall washer has a bracket, which can be flexibly adjusted according to requirements and has a large scale.

  • LED linear lights are rarely seen to have such a large scale.


  • LED wall washer has a bracket, so the appearance design is not fixed.

  • LED linear lights are mostly square.

XT01-22mm LED


  • LED wall washer, the image is to let the light wash the wall like water, mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, can also be used to outline the outline of large buildings. 

  • LED linear lamp is a kind of flexible decorative lamp, low power consumption, long life, and easy to bend. Generally suitable for the outline of the building and the production of billboards and so on.


  • When installing the LED wall washer, it depends on the height requirements of the lighting, and there must be a certain distance between it and the wall. Only high-power LED wall washer can do it.

  • LED linear lights are of low power, which is difficult to achieve. In addition, LED wall washer is more difficult in terms of heat dissipation and waterproofing, and more detailed planning is required.