How To Choose The Color Temperature Of Lamps And Lanterns For Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

- Apr 07, 2021-

In the electronic optics of outdoor lighting lamps, a scalar used to define the hue of the light source is called the color temperature.

When a standard bold font is to be heated, and the color of the light sent by it is the same as the color of the light sent by a certain lamp source, the temperature of this bold font heating is called the color temperature of the lamp source, commonly known as the color temperature

Color temperature is the key application of visible light in lighting, shooting, video and other industries.

Lights at different color temperatures:

The visual impact of direct lighting effects of different color temperatures on the object is different, and it gives people a different impression.

The color temperature is below 3000K, and the reddish color of the lamp gives a warm and soft feeling.

The color temperature is between 3000K and 6000K. People do not have particularly significant visual effects and actual psychological effects at the color temperature. The light color temperature is mild, which makes people feel happy.

The color temperature exceeds 6000K, and the color of the lamp is grayish, giving people a feeling of high coldness.