How To Optimize The Selection Of LED Wall Washers And Manufacturers

- Dec 19, 2018-

LED wall washers are an indispensable luminaire in LED lighting projects, and are used in almost every project. And what kind of LED wall washer should I buy for the purchaser?

1, LED wall washers choose a regular manufacturer

Brand is the guarantee of people's confidence. Regular manufacturers can give people quality products and guaranteed after-sales service. Therefore, in choosing LED wall washers, we must choose regular manufacturers, so that we have more protection for ourselves. Lingchuang Lighting has accumulated for ten years and is still guaranteed in this respect.

2. The relationship between price and quality

The principle of “one point for one price” applies to all products. The price of a good quality wall washer will definitely be high, the quality of the cheap price is certainly not so good, and the materials used are also a little worse. SH LED wall washers are made of thick casings, genuine chip beads, good craftsmanship and even details to a screw to think about, to create high quality products for customers.

3. Select the appropriate wall washer according to the effect and design parameters.

There are many specifications for wall washers, and it is necessary to select the appropriate wall washer according to the design requirements.