Jinhu Culture Art Center Lighting Project

- Apr 15, 2020-

Jinhu Culture Art Center Lighting Project is located in Jinhu County, Huai 'an City, Jiangsu Province. The entry point of the planning and design of the low-carbon core area, is to grasp the “the Land of Lotus ”characteristics of Jinhu, and focus on creating a cultural place with typical regional characteristics.

facade lighting

Just as the importance of the flower core to the lotus, the design makes efforts from the center of the site, boldly adopts the multi-functional outdoor theater -- fairy stage, which replaces the real with the virtual, to break through the intersection of the administrative axis and the commercial axis of the new town, and forms the vitality source of the cultural center building. Like a flower bloom, the four functional venues of the grand theater, archives, cultural center and youth activity center are arranged in the four corners of the site with the posture of growth, forming a relatively independent spatial layout, which is conducive to the operation and later maintenance of the venues.

facade lighting

The landscape pattern of the site moves along with the trend, and the design techniques of waterfront landscape and wetland park are adopted to strengthen the momentum of flowers, so that the whole land is alive.

facade lighting

The creative lighting project adopts 130000 pcs of AD42 and 28500 pcs of AD33 from SHLED. Total display area of 3000 square meters, 360 ° big screen covers the whole culture art center venues, the creative effect of visual changes not only can be managed to attract a large number of cultural and art lovers, but also to create immersive experience to tourists.

In order to effectively realize the intelligent management of the giant LED media display. The control terminal is placed in the general control room with SHLED online control system, which can be played by the master control platform. The control structure adopts group control, and the standard control unit combination finally shows the cultural elements of romantic starry sky and beautiful lotus city, and is equipped with the surround array sound to achieve the lighting atmosphere of integrated sound and light. 

In order to improve the accuracy and safety of lamp installation, we adopts the steel frame module to fix the lamps, which guarantees the safety of tourists and is more convenient for later maintenance in the future.


Project Name:  Jinhu Chengnan Culture Art Center

Project Location:  Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province

Start date: October 2019

Completion date: November 2019


Product 1:  SH-AD4204/ Led Pixel Dot

Number of lamps:  130 000 PCS

Control method:   DMX

Voltage / Power:  DC24V / 1.85W


Product 2:  SH-AD3305/ Led Pixel Dot

Number of lamps:  28500 PCS

Control method:   DMX

Voltage / Power:  DC12V / 0.9W