LED Landscape Lighting

- Mar 22, 2021-

1. A single point light source is an independent pixel, and each pixel can achieve multi-level grayscale changes. The control method can be programmed arbitrarily and changes synchronously.

2. Its light color display is flexible and changeable, and the installation method is optional. It is suitable for large-area display of building facade, brightening embellishment, contour outline, interior and exterior surface decoration and brightening scenes.


1.RGB three-in-one 65536 grayscale, real-time synchronous color display

2.Industrial flame-retardant anti-ultraviolet material, full potting sealant IP65 waterproof design

3.One-piece buckle anti-pull link, single-ended power supply can reach 100 meters

4.Outdoor lightning protection and electrostatic protection design, safe and reliable

5.Point light sources can be spliced at will, with firm installation and convenient maintenance