Led Linear Lighting Led Linear Light

- Jun 17, 2020-

Ceiling lights, ceiling lights and excessive lights on the walls, wall lights, waist lights, stair lights, handrail lights, step lights, night lights, night lights, step lights, kitchen and cabinet lights, wardrobe lights in the wardrobe, these These are all places where linear lights are widely used. 

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For many designers, the effect is easy to produce. In the actual construction process, there will always be some technical difficulties in construction. For example, the interface part, light leakage treatment, etc., unlike the accessories without lights, currently there are no corresponding corner positions for the accessories with lights. 

linear light

On the one hand, it is not small to look at, it is still difficult to make, the most important thing is that it The amount of the material is not large, and the amount of the profile itself is not large, not to mention the accessories in the accessories. When a batch is made, when can it be digested? 


This is the first consideration as a manufacturer. Small quantities will also cause unit prices. If it is too high, it will also have a great impact on digestion.