Light Extraction Efficiency Package (3)

- Dec 04, 2018-

Reflection processing

There are two main aspects of reflection treatment. One is the reflection treatment inside the chip, and the other is the reflection of light by the encapsulation material. Through the reflection treatment of the inner and outer sides, the proportion of the light flux emitted from the inside of the chip is increased, and the internal absorption of the chip is reduced. Improve the luminous efficiency of power LED products. In terms of packaging, power LEDs usually mount power chips on metal brackets or substrates with reflective cavities. Bracket-type reflective cavities generally use electroplating to improve reflection, while substrate-type reflective cavities are generally polished. In the mode, the plating treatment is carried out under conditions, but the above two treatment methods are affected by the precision and process of the mold, and the reflective cavity after the treatment has a certain reflection effect, but it is not ideal. 

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At present, the substrate-type reflective cavity is made in China, because the polishing precision is insufficient or the metal plating layer is oxidized, the reflection effect is poor, which causes a lot of light to be absorbed after being incident on the reflection area, and cannot be reflected to the light-emitting surface according to the intended target, thereby resulting in the final result. The light extraction efficiency after packaging is low.