Light Middle East Exhibition

- Oct 09, 2019-

Light Middle East Exhibition

The Middle East (Dubai) International City, Building and Commercial Lighting Exhibition (LightMiddleEast) is one of Messe Frankfurt's most well-known brand exhibitions and one of the largest and most authoritative professional exhibitions in the world's architectural lighting industry.

Light middle east

Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co.,Ltd exhibited products with LED point light source series, LED crystal ball series and media façade application effect display.

 facade lighting

Among them, LED point light source series products are widely used in media facade , outdoor bridge lighting, architectural lighting decoration, stadium lighting.

Supports various control systems such as DMX, SPI, DVI, Madrix, and RDM.

According to your application needs and project information, arrange program production, effect video, after-sales comprehensive engineering installation drawings and on-site guidance and debugging. A full set of guidance and guidance to guide the project to complete quickly.

SH LED Tech. has cooperated with large projects such as government projects, stage design, festival decoration, landscape lighting, such as the Volgograd Gymnasium Project in Russia in 2019 and the large-scale lighting show such as the National City Anniversary Celebration.