Media Facade Lighting With Led Mesh Screen

- Jun 01, 2020-

The media façade project of the Exhibition Park covers an area of 70 square meters. It adopts SHLED Optoelectronics E series SH-E10A LED mesh screen. It perfectly displays the characteristics of high transparency of the LED grid screen. The picture of the smart forest is suspended on the glass curtain wall. Its unique eye-catching effect highlights the characteristics of coastal tourism and reflects the requirements of the forest ecology science museum. It is to promote the further development of the lighting of cultural tourism in City.


"Build the wisdom forest into a comprehensive amusement forest that integrates forest science, activities and performing arts, and outdoor camping and leisure."


The Yellow Sea is in love, and the tidal flat is new;


Landscape lighting combines culture, art and science and technology, and is an important part of the urban landscape. With the continuous deepening of the urbanization process and the broad masses of people's demand for a better life is still vigorous, in the context of promoting rational construction, landscape lighting is also transitioning to the characteristics of cultural tourism lighting transition, to show the city style, comprehensive strength and promote the city The development of tourism and other related industries is of great significance.



The popular science exhibition hall adopts the scientific design method of scenes combined with multimedia, which reflects the requirements of the forest ecology popular science hall to teach and enjoy the wisdom experience. SHLED technical team fully cooperates with the design requirements of the project. 

In order to ensure the construction schedule without affecting the integrity of the wall, the project technical service team has repeatedly researched and continuously optimized the engineering plan to make the glass curtain wall more transparent and integrate with the existing curtain wall structure. Integrate, imitate forest and imitate ecology, and pay attention to the sense of technology and interactive experience function at the same time.


SHLED LED mesh screen, high-definition and bright, with super scene adaptability, can be perfectly integrated with the scene glass curtain wall, indoor natural lighting and natural ventilation, can be flexibly applied to glass curtain wall commercial buildings, large commercial supermarkets, venues, Sightseeing elevators, stage lighting, trade shows and other occasions.


Shenzhen SHLED Technology Co., Ltd., as an integrated solution service provider of intelligent facade lighting, will continue to make efforts to contribute its own strength to the direction of cultural tourism, smart lighting, and healthy lighting for urban lighting!