SH LED Belarus Minsk Facade Lighting Solution

- May 04, 2020-

Located in the center of Europe, Belarus is a landlocked country with a land area of 207,600 square kilometers, and its territory ranks 13th in Europe. With a population of 9.5 million, the vast majority of the population lives near major cities such as the capital Minsk. Nearly 80% of the population is Belarusian, with Russia in the east and north, Ukraine in the south, and Poland, Lithuania and Latvia in the west.

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The capital of Belarus is Minsk, which is also the capital of Minsk region. The city of Minsk is by the sea, a very romantic and beautiful city. Belarusians like sports very much. On the seaside of Minsk, people who can exercise are often seen. The population of Minsk is only 1.98 million. This is a city full of war vicissitudes and traces.

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The Minsk Administrative Trade Building is a glass curtain wall structure, which is a product of architectural aesthetics, structure and function. The structure of the glass curtain wall changed the single form of expression of the building, giving the whole city a new look. Especially with the development of LED, it can be freely combined with the lightweight curtain wall system, providing architects with a new degree of freedom in the choice of materials, so that the traditional thick building facades lighting are gradually becoming lighter. Exterior wall system transformation.

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Adopt track installation method: first fix the bottom wire groove of the track to the decorative keel of the curtain wall, snap the point light source into the upper cover of the track, and clip the upper cover of the track with the lamp to the pre-installed wire groove, aluminum groove and decorative keel The colors are the same, the lights are not visible during the day, and the lights are shining at night.

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The LED rgb pixel scheme perfectly fits the building facade, and is suitable for outdoor landscape facade lighting projects. It is equipped with an intelligent control scheme and shows the most beautiful side of the building through integrated design of the facade system.

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Each pixel is completely independent and has independent control signals. The size and shape can be arbitrarily distributed. You can use dots to highlight nodes, and use dots to form unique graphics and changes, showing a prosperous effect.

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