SH LED Factory 6S Management Training

- Nov 05, 2018-

6S management, including six aspects of finishing, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy and safety. SEIRI: Separating any items in the workplace as necessary and unnecessary, except for the necessary stay, the others are eliminated, the purpose is to make room for the space to be used; SEITON: stay The necessary items to be placed are placed according to the specified position and placed neatly to mark the purpose of making the workplace clear, reducing the time to find items, eliminating excessive backlogs; cleaning (SEISO): seeing the workplace Cleaned with invisible areas for the purpose of stabilizing quality and reducing industrial damage; cleaning (SEIKETSU): constantly maintaining the appearance of the environment in order to create a clear scene; SHITSUKE: Every member develops good habits And follow the rules to do things, the purpose is to create a team spirit; SECURITY: the importance of member safety education, the purpose is to establish a safe production environment, so that all work is based on safety premise.

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During the training process, all employees carefully listened to the training content and actively expressed their opinions. It is believed that this training not only enhances employees' awareness of “6S” management, but also enables employees to understand the future development direction of the company and better improve the overall strength of the company.

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