SH LED Mission

- Dec 12, 2018-

1 facade led lighting

SH LED Mission:

Based on the struggle, we will create value with light and realize the spirit and material harvest of Shenghong people.

SH LED corporate vision:

Founding international brands and becoming the most trusted LED landscape lighting service provider in the world

SH LED core values of the company:

Honesty, responsibility

Rigorous and efficient

Grateful, tolerant

Pragmatic, innovative

33mm led point light source  (1)33mm led point light source  (3)dmx led flood lighting (1)

dmx led flood lighting (3)

SH LED is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, design, manufacture and marketing

of LED outdoor lighting engineering lamps. Its products mainly include:

LED line lights, LED guardrail tubes, LED point light sources, LED wall washers, etc.

Suitable for commercial and outdoor lighting engineering products.

Products used in real estate, commercial buildings, hotels, night KTV, park bridges and other lighting decoration projects. With stable products, it has become a cooperative manufacturer of many outdoor lighting engineering companies.